2018 marks 15 years of collaboration between the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music and the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University, USA. This period has seen wonderful partnership on initiatives including the Joint Degree Programme and student exchanges between both schools, as well as musical collaboration that has accompanied YST on its journey.

Join us as we celebrate this special milestone with a gala concert featuring alumni and faculty from YST and Peabody. 



A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Some elegant, some tentative. Others - sprightly, and still others ponderous. Which step will you take?

Join in the whirl of journeys and dances, groove to the eclectic rhythms of Piazzolla, Dorati, Veldhuis, and Pervazov; jive to Bach’s music and swing to the beats of Saxony and Spain.

There are seats– you will not need them. We’ll whisk you away!


Kopi Break - Don’t say bojio!

Come by the café and savour the music of old and new composers freshly brewed with a cuppa to match. Our musicians will treat you to spiced-up Baroque music and a delicate, mellow modern take on the themes of faith and commitment to complete your lounge experience.

The glistening leaves at dawn, the rush in a train station. Every encounter is peppered with sights, sounds and smells that penetrate the senses.

Here’s your chance: plunge into our multidisciplinary experiment of tantalising colours and images intertwined with sounds and music, as we present music by Franck, Debussy, Poulenc and Moscheles. Round up the evening with an Asian twist to jazz music!

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a person. This person never moved – but instead watched through the mind’s eye vignettes of the lives of others playing at rapid speed; fantasies, dramas, epic sagas woven into a multiverse of stories…

Immerse yourself in a journey of music inspired by stories and poetry. There is no single path, because each free-spirited stroll finds its own perfect track. There is no ‘the end’, for we want you to discover: where will your mind’s cinema take you? Come and find out for yourself!

A queen and a soldier map out a course to reach their desires. Both attain the same result– death.

One was willing, but the other unknowing.

With 20th century composers Britten and Stravinsky, we arrive at the final destination of the journey of life. For some, it is blissful relief from the sorrows of the living. For others, death finds them before life even seemed to have begun. Bear witness as each character treads its final lake into the darkness.

The end of an odyssey – a step into a whole new world? To the fresh and wide-eyed voyager, who is a stranger to time and familiarity, the destination appears daunting, too abstruse and enigmatic.

Befriend the formerly alien and get cozy with shifting perceptions of what once was and now is another. The end of this festival bravely opens the entrance to abstract worlds created by living composers - from Singapore, alumni of the YST Conservatory, and beyond.